Look good feel better supporting women with cancer

Hello today I am going to be talking about charity called look good feel better, it’s a cancer charity that supports women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. Look good feel better is dedicated to improving self esteem, confidence and well being of the patients during treatment. Their aim is this help with self image through free groups that provide skincare and makeup workshops. This is something i feel very strongly about because my own nan passed away from throat cancer in 1997. During her treatment we saw all her confidence sink. She was a woman who prided herself in looking good and presentable everyday. She always wore makeup and made sure her hair was perfect, even her home was immaculate. To see her go through such strenuous treatment was bad enough but when her hair fell out she didn’t seem the same woman. This was just as sad as her illness. I was 12 when she passed and having an interest in skincare and beauty i told my mum that one day i would like to visit cancer patients in hospital to do their makeup So when they have visitors they would look the best and hopefully feel more confident. especially as I remember my nan not wanting to many visitors apart from immediate family, I wish something like this had been around for my nan. I intend to volunteer for this charity as a makeup artist. If you would like to get involved then I shall put a link below. It’s not just the makeup artist and beauty professionals, you can with help fundraising. They don’t receive statutory funding therefore every donation and volunteer counts. If you would like to know more then please go to the website and have a look at all the good things they do. Thank you for reading this I hope its been insightful. visit the website  http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/


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